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6 years active in the crypto world, specialized in Fibonacci. fundamental analyst and alpha trader at Goldn Global. Provides daily market updates.

3 years active in the Crypto world. Mainly engaged in organization, management, marketing and support with Kim and Putin within Golden Global.

Already 4 years of experience in equities and commodities, initial stocks and crypto. Driven by market psychology, elliot waves and risk management.

Personal assistant to Kim Jong Moon. 3 years crypto trader, specialized in NFT/digital art. Photographer and art director for Goldn Global.

Crypto trader since 2019 with a focus on day and swing trading. Risk management and capital preservation is number one priority.

Investor and trader in cryptocurrency for 3 years. Mainly engaged in capital protection and futures trading.

Photographer and digital artist for Goldn Global. Specialized in 3D sculpture and NFT design.

Behind the scenes, he ensures that Goldn Global can work optimally. He also supports the Discord mods.

Working behind the scenes on our Discord group to always keep it up to date.

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