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- 8 years active in the crypto world

- Fundamental analyst

- Alpha trader at Goldn Global

- Provides daily market updates

First and foremost - a quick introduction: I’m Kim Yung Moon, and no - I’m not North-Korean. I am, however, a crypto day trader with around six years worth of experience. Believe it or not, there was a time when Bitcoin sat around 3500 USD. Heck, even Ethereum was on sale for a few dollars at the time! But, before you start panicking, let me assure you that the fun doesn’t stop there. We still have a long way to go before we hit any sort of final destination, if there is any at all. So in that sense: kudos to you for hopping on the boat! 

Anyhow, when the COVID pandemic hit us, I saw a lot of people around me struggle with all kinds of things: work, school and above all: financially. At the same time, crypto sneaked its way into the mainstream financial world and wreaked havoc, and a lot of people didn’t see this coming at all. For good reason, obviously, the only thing that dominated the headlines the past two years was COVID-related news. 

I have first-hand experience of what it’s like to start from the absolute bottom, and how you can turn the tide with even the most humble of savings. I’m telling you: you do not need thousands of dollars to get your crypto career started. And that’s exactly what I told the first 70 people I decided to help out during the pandemic. Each and every single one of them learned and put their newfound skills to the test. As of now, they’re thriving and are helping others to do the same, and I would love to help you embark on your crypto adventure with all the necessary tools you need, and to become part of our ever-growing community Goldn Global.

Believe it or not, the community aspect is what I’m really aiming for. It’s necessary that people redefine their idea of wealth, and through hard work, dedication and a whole lot of patience, we’ll reach a positive point of no return; one where we’ll celebrate our gains together and collectively look forward to newer and better things. A better life starts with crypto, and i’d love for you to be part of that journey with Goldn Global!

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